Hello World

Hello World. This is my first post on my blog. Many will think that this is just another blog about tech and coding. That may be. I want to use this blog to document my journey in software development.

It's not about the big projects at all. The next Google. A new Facebook. Of course, it would be nice if such an idea came to you and you succeeded in implementing it. But for now, I'll limit myself to the things that bother me and for which I would like to find a solution.

I would like to start with something that has been bothering me for a long time. Does anyone else also know the situation where you are given a coupon with a barcode after a purchase, which would then be valid for the next purchase? It happens to me every time I fill up with petrol. I always accept the coupon with thanks, only to find that I don't have it with me the next time I fill up.

In future, I would like to have a solution for this, with which I can scan the barcodes on my mobile phone and then simply show them. After use, I can then simply delete the barcode again. My Barcode Wallet should offer this function.

Of course, some people will say that something like this already exists and that this or that app already offers it. That is not the point. I want to use these small projects to expand my skills and learn new things. It's as simple as that.